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                         On our soils of The Cadière d' Azur and the Castellet in the Var in Provence,
discover red, pinkish wines and white AOP Bandol, Coast of Provence, Provençal specialities, our selection of delicatessen and the tools of the tasting.
                         Since 1961, the Bunan family works with love and passion in the excellence of their domain, allying tradition and modernity to realize wines of character.
The respect and the attachment in their naturally carried them towards the organic farming and the biodynamie.
From now on, only natural products protect their grapes and their lands.
Wines of Bandol, harvested in the hand, the vintage and élégant wines...
Our Bélouvé saying " beautiful grape" in provençal
Entrez dans le terroir des Côteaux Varois en Provence, 
Près de Brignoles, le terroir du Château Margillière conduit en Agriculture Biologique.

Vieux marc, Ratafia,méthode traditionnelle rosé et blanc,vin d'orange...

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