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6 bottles red Moulin des Costes customizable 

135.00 EUR 



Moulin des Costes is the flagship of Domaines Bunan and offers wines with distinctive characters that reflect the traditions of Bandol.
In 1961, the year it was purchased, the domaine was partially replanted in line with the traditional norms of the “Bandol“ appellation which paved the way for a promising future for two men, Pierre and Paul.
The terraced vines of the Moulin des Costes offer views of the Mediterranean sea, typical of the appellation, and are now planted with 45 year old Mourvèdre and Grenache vines.


Wine made from organically cultivated grapes, Manual harvests (in accordance with the regulations of the Bandol appellation)      


Grape varieties
Le Mourvèdre : 70%
le Cinsault : 20%
la Syrah : 10%.


Traditional ageing in tuns and barrels.




Dense ruby red hue.
Delicately oaky nose dominated by aromas of red fruits, blackberry and raspberry.
Rich, well-balanced palate with smooth tannins.

Decanter before serving
Enjoy served at 18°C


Food & wine pairing
The ideal partner for feathered game, duck, truffle, roasted leg of lamb, lamb chops, a beef and olive stew, truffled zucchini flowers, grilled red mullet.

Ageing potential
5 to 15 years


Alcohol by volume


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Contient des sulfites 
La consommation de boissons alcoolisées pendant la grossesse, même en faible quantité, peut avoir des conséquences graves sur la santé de l’enfant.








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